Friday, December 14, 2007

What a Great Tool!

There has been a long time since anyone has come out with a tool as useful as this one!
I can really see the advantage to having a Phantom Optin tool like this. You will be totally amazed at the ease of operation and the setup of this new program.


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Phantom Opt In
We couldn't say it in print if it weren't true...
"Finally -- A Revolutionary Viral Marketing Breakthrough That Allows You To Stand Out, Get Up To 200% More Traffic... And Build Your List On Pure Autopilot!"

Phantom Opt In is hands down the coolest sales page tactic you have ever seen. When someone enters their name and email into your form, you are able to replace the form with a video, the rest of a sales page, or instructions on how to whitelist your emails right there on that same page.
The script is easy to install. You simply upload the files to your site and it's done. No databases required.

Beta Tester Comment:
Ross Goldberg
"Oh My Goodness Brian!
I keep telling everyone to keep an eye on you.
You come up with some of the coolest ideas that make marketing online so much easier.
This one blows away ALL of them.
I love what you've done with Phantom Opt-in and how much easier building a list and making sales will be with this!"
You will never find another tool like it!

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